terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Brave - Valente

I saw something that day. Something I'll not forget. It stands 12 feet tall...with razor sharp claws...his hide littered with the weapons of fallen warriors, his face scarred with one dead eye. I drew my 1.______________, and...Chomp! Dad's leg was clean off!Aww, that's my 2.______________ part!" In accordance with our laws, the firstborn of each of the great leaders must prove their worthMarida, stop! A lady enjoys 3.______________ pursuits.I present my only son. He took out a whole armada single handilyWith one arm, he was steering the ship.I want my 4.______________! But are you willing to pay the price your freedom will cost.Careful what you wish for, my mother would say.What's the worst that could happen? No more fighting! Show a little decorum. Feast your eyes.If you had the chance to 5.______________ your fate. Would you?
It stands = Ele fica a (erguido / de pé)
Razor sharp claws = garras afiadas
Hide littered with = pele cheia de 
Scarred = assustado
Drew = saquei (passado do verbo "to draw" = sacar / desenhar / atrair)
Clean off = foi limpa (cortada a um só golpe)
Firstborn = primogênito
Worth = valor
Pursuits = atividades
Handily = com folga
Steering = conduzindo
Are you willing to... = Você está disposta à...
What's the worst that could happen? = Qual a coisa pior que poderia acontecer?
No more fightings = Chega de lutas
Feast your eyes = Encha os olhos

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