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Oh, God. Look at these 1.___________. My plants are gonna love it here. 

Oh, oh, I'm sorry. We're taking all the windows with us. Oh, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. I'm a joker. I'm a nut. Come on in the kitchen. I'll show you the kitchen. Yeah, I built these cabinets myself. 

They're beautiful. And 2.___________. Look. And 2 sinks

Yeah, unfortunately, we're takin' 'em with us. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. 

Oh, he's irrepressible

I like your jokes, but the listing said something about a new heating system?

Oh, yeah, yeah. That's right. New furnace. Gas. Forced hot air. Very efficient. Come on out in the 3.___________. 

Do you like these doors

I love 'em.

Sorry. We're taking all the doors with us. 

His material sucks, but I like his delivery. 

I don't care, Arlo. I want this house. 

It's beautiful! You know, I have lived in 14 different houses and I've never had my own 4.___________. And I've always wanted one ever since I was a little girl. 

Well, sister, I've got some bad news for you. 

We're taking it with us! 

I really like to joke, Roger, but I'd like to talk to you about financing this house

Terrific, terrific. Why don't we leave the little ladies here, you and I will go 5.___________ and talk about it.

I'm a nut - Eu sou doido (gíria)
He's irrepressible - Ele é irrepreensível, incontrolável.
I like his delivery - I gosto de como ele apresenta
Financing the house - Financiar a casa
Terrific - Maravilhoso (Falso cognato)


Eddie Morra: Obviously I 1.___________ a few things.

Man: Eddie! I know you're in there.

Eddie Morra: Why is it when your life exceeds your wildest 2.___________, a knife appears at your back? Well, I'll tell you one thing, I will never let them 3.___________ me. My 4.___________, who must have opened his door to complain. For a guy with a four digit IQ,  I must have missed something. And I hadn't 5.___________ much. I'd come this close to  having an impact on the world. And now, the only thing I'd have an impact on was the sidewalk.

The Box

So, are you trying to sell me 1.___________.

Yes, in a way I do have an 2.___________ to make.

What are you offering?

A financial opportunity. Let me explain. If you push the 3.___________ two things will happen. 

First, someone, somewhere in the world, whom you don't know, will 4.___________. Second, you will receive a payment of one million dollars. You have 24 hours.

Are you for 5.___________?

Oh, I assure you, Mrs. Lewis, this offer is quite real.

The Money Pit

Walter: What the hell was that? 

 Anna: All I did was turn on the 1___________. 

Walter: That's all? That doesn't sound good. 

 Anna: No. You should see the...I guess it's the water. I don't know. It's 2.___________. 

Walter: Okay. So the plumbing's not perfect. We'll get it fixed. It's not the end of the world. 

Anna: You didn't see that water! 

Walter: Look, this is an 3___________ house. It's gonna need some work. You've gotta expect that. 

 Anna: I didn't expect that water. It had legs. 

Walter: A little work, a little 4___________...a little imagination, and it's gonna be great! It's gonna be fun fixing it up. You'll see. 

Anna: I don't know. I've never been any good at that kind of thing. 

Walter: What kind of thing? 

Anna: Work. 

Walter: You can't go into it with that kind of attitude. You've gotta be more positive.  

Anna: I'll try. 

Walter: Oh. 

Anna: A little care, a little imagination...and a 5___________ attitude. 

Walter: What was that? 

 Anna: Nothing, dear.

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Airport Ride Scene

Lloyd Christmas: Why you going to the airport? Flying somewhere? 

Mary Swanson: How'd you 1.__________? 

Lloyd Christmas: I saw your luggage. Then when I noticed the airline ticket, I put 2 and 2 together. So where are you headin'? 

Mary Swanson: Aspen. 

Lloyd Christmas: Hmmm, California! Beautiful! Name's Christmas. Lloyd Christmas.

Mary Swanson: I'm Mary Swanson

Lloyd Christmas: This isn't my real 2.__________, you know. 

Mary Swanson: No? 

Lloyd Christmas: Nope. My friend Harry and I are saving up our money to open our own 3.__________ store. 

Mary Swanson: That's nice. 

Lloyd Christmas: I got worms! 

Mary Swanson: I beg your pardon? 

Lloyd Christmas: That's what we're gonna call it. "I Got Worms!" We're gonna specialize in selling worm farms. You know, like ant farms. What's the matter? Little 4.__________ about the flight? 

Mary Swanson: Something like that.

Lloyd Christmas: There's really nothing to worry about Mary. Statistically, they say you're more likely to get killed on the way to the airport. You know, like on a head on crash or flying off a cliff or getting trapped under a gas truck! That's the worst! I have this cousin, well y'know, I had this cousin... 

Mary Swanson: Uh, Lloyd, could you keep your eyes on the 5.__________ please? 

Lloyd Christmas: Oh, yeah! Good thinking. You can't be too careful. There are a lot of bad drivers out there.

Mission Impossible 2

Ethan- Pull over and 1.__________ to me will you? Just listen.

Nyah- Listen to what? 

Ethan- I need your 2.__________. And I think you could use mine. 

Nyah- Your help? What are you talking about? 

Ethan- I'm talking about Scotland Yard, Interpol, every Dutch 3.__________. I can make them all go away. 

Nyah- Oh, bloody hell, you're a spy. Well if you want me, you've gotta 4.__________ me.

EthanWhoa. You having 5. ___________? Sorry. Sorry. Watch the road. Watch the road. 

Transporter 2

Car Jacking Girl: I'm sorry, can you help me? My tire. 

Frank Martin: Sorry, I have an 1.____________, I don't like to be late. 

Car Jacking Girl: Well, would you rather be late or *dead*?

Frank Martin: You don't want to do this. 

Car Jacking Girl: Step out of the car! 

Car Jacker: Whoo! Let's go, girls! Yeah! 

Frank Martin: Take it easy, the car's 2.____________ new. 

Car Jacker: No problem, buddy, I got this. Baby, let's ride. Time to go! 

Frank Martin: Your parents know the company you keep? 

Car Jacking Girl: Shut up! 

Car Jacker: This shit ain't working, man! 

Frank Martin: It's coded. 

Car Jacker: What's the 3.____________, man

Frank Martin: I'm afraid I can't tell you that. 

Car Jacker: I'm afraid we'll have to beat it out of you. Get out of the car!

Car Jacker: Come on man.

Frank Martin: Hold on. Just came out of the cleaners. 

Car Jacking Girl: Hands off. Stop... stop moving or I will 4.____________ you.

Frank Martin: Don't you have homework to do?

Frank Martin: Why don't you go and do it.

Car Jacking Girl: OK! I'm sorry! 

Frank Martin: 5.____________

Summer School - Driving Lessons

Is this some kind of sick, twisted joke?

No, I' m combining Denise' s 1.__________ lesson with your ride to the beach. Come on. Get in.

We took driver training with Denise. Call us a cab.

Get your grisly butts in the car.

Man, let me drive. I' m going for my 2.__________ next week. 

Chainsaw, you' ve been drinking.

No, it' s cough medicine. check out this phlegm. 

Save the phlegm. you' re not driving anywhere.

I'll tell you something and this is fact you know, why so many 3.__________ drivers get in wrecks? They don' t learn to drive drunk.

Fact, alcohol kills brain cells. you lose one more, you' re a talking monkey. Come on , get in. come on. Ok, Denise, start her up. Signal left . Pull on out. Can I call my folks and say I won' t be home... ever?

I' m not used to this car. 

I think it' s 4.__________. Move it out. Nice and smooth. Oh, yeah, That' s... fine. Good. Why did you do that? 

A car was coming.

Well, it'll happen from time to time. Come on, Denise, he won' t bother us. We just got lapped by an old lady with a walker. See that 5.__________ between those cars?


Pull in. 

You mean parallel park. That's my weak spot. 

Listen to her. Ok. 

I'm sober now. That's good for today. 

We live!



Frases interessantes: 

1. Denise, start her up. Signal left . Pull on out.
Denise. dê partida. Seta para a esquerda. Arranque.

2. I' m not used to this car. 
Eu não estou acostumada com este carro

3. You mean parallel park. That's my weak spot. 
Você quer dizer baliza. Este é o meu ponto fraco.

New Car - National Lampoon's Vacation

Rusty: Dad, this is not the car you ordered! 

Clark: Take it easy, Rusty. Ed, this is not the car I 1.___________. I distinctly ordered the Antarctic Blue, Super Sportswagon... with the C.B. and the optional Rally fun pack. 

Car Salesman: You didn't order the Metallic Pea? 

Clark: Metallic Pea? No, Antarctic Blue. The Sportswagon. This isn't even the right 2.___________

Car Salesman: You know, I think you're right. I don't think this is the car. This is the new Wagonqueen Family Truckster. This is a fine 3.___________, if you want my honest opinion. It beats the hell out of the Sportswagon but... I want to make you happy. Davenport! I'll get to the bottom of this. Mr. Griswold ordered a blue Sportswagon. Where is it? 

Davenport: I don't know, sir. 

Car Salesman: I know what must have happened! It didn't come in! 

Clark: Ed, I'm not your 4.___________everyday fool. Okay? Now, I'd like my Antarctic Blue Super Sportswagon right now. If you can't get it for me, I'm going to take my business elsewhere! Where's my old car? 

Car Salesman: I'm just as 5.___________ as you are. Believe me. Davenport! Get Mr. Griswold's car back! Bring it back here! And I can get you the wagon, there's no problem there. The problem is, it might take six weeks. Now, I owe it to myself
to tell you, Mr. Griswold... if you're thinking of taking the tribe cross-country... this is the automobile you should be using. The Wagonqueen Family Truckster. You think you hate it now, but wait until you drive it. 

Clark: I don't want to drive it. I just want my old car back, okay? I'm not falling for this bit. No way. Let's go, Russ. 

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Pretty Woman

- You look great! 
- She has my 1.___________. 
- And we'll help her use it, sir. 
- Edward would love that tie. 
- Would you give her the tie? 
- The tie? 
- 2.___________ the tie. Give her the tie. 
- He wants to do this, by the way. 
- He would go crazy about this tie. 
- Who 3.________ pizza? 
- May I help you? 
- No, thank you. Hi. 
- Hello. 
- Do you remember me? 
- No, I'm sorry. 
- I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me. 
- Oh. 
- You work on 4.___________, right?
- Uh, yes. 
- Big 5.___________. Big. Huge! 
- I have to go shopping now. 
- Thank you.

Guns N' Roses - Patience

Guns N' Roses - Paradise City

Guns N' Roses - knocking on heavens door

Guns N' Roses - Don't cry

Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

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Legally Blonde 2

ElleMs. Windham, what had you done earlier that 1.__________?
Chutney Windham: I got up. Got a latte. Went to the gym. Got a perm and came home.
Elle: Where you got in the shower?
The Honorable Marina R. Bickford: I believe the 2.__________ has made it clear that she was in the shower.
Elle: Yes, your 3.__________.
Elle: Ms. Windham, had you ever gotten a perm before?
Chutney Windham: Two a year since I was 12. You do the math.
Elle: You know, a girl in my sorority, Tracy Marcinco got a perm once. We all tried to talk her out of it. Curls weren't a good look for her. She didn't have your bone structure, but thankfully that same day she entered the Pheta Delta Phi wet t-shirt 4.__________ where she was completely hosed to down from head to toe...
DA Joyce Rafferty: 5.__________, why is this relevant?
Elle: I have a point, I promise.

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Nanny Diaries - Lunch

....So I thought you might appreciate a civilized 1.___________ at Bergdorf's rather than being interviewed at the apartment. 

- Thank you, that's very considerate. 

- Not really. I just love to 2.___________.  Do... do you know what you're having? I don't mean to rush you, but I'm attending a 2:00 lecture "3.___________ Mom, Trying to Juggle It All." 

- I'll just have the 4.___________. Thanks. 

- I can't guarantee that the meat here is antibiotic-free. But the chef here is from Brittany, so I highly 5.___________ the crepe Bretagne. Deux, s'il vous plait. 

 - Okay.

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The Pursuit of Happiness - Phone Call

- Walter Ribbon's 1.______________.

- Yes, hello, my name is Chris Gardner. I'm calling for Mr. Walter Ribbon.

- Concerning? 

- Yes, ma'am. I'm calling from Dean Witter.

- Just a 2.______________.

- Hello? 

- Mr. Ribbon. Hello, sir. My name's Chris Gardner. I'm 3.______________ from Dean Witter.

- Yeah, Chris. 

- Yes, Mr. Ribbon... I would love to have the 4.______________ to discuss some of our products. I'm certain that I could be of some assistance to you.

- Can you be here in 20 minutes?

- Twenty minutes. Absolutely.

- Just had someone 5.______________I can give you a few minutes before the 49ers. Monday Night Football, buddy.

- Yes, sir. Thank you very much.

- See you soon.

- Bye-bye.

The Guilt Trip - Networking

Well, we are intrigued!

You're... You're intrigued?

Absolutely! That 1._____________ was wonderful. You actually drank that stuff?

I did drink it! Yeah! It's made out of food.

It was a great 2._____________.

Thank you so much! If you want to hear more... I said it was boring, but the stuff about the micro-emulsion is actually pretty amazing.

Does it actually clean?

Yes, it cleans great.

Okay, we're gonna wanna see that at some point.

Oh, yeah, anytime. I can 3._____________ that anytime.

And it has full FDA approval?

I have full FDA...

How many units do you have ready for 4._____________?

Thousands of units. I have way more than I should, probably.

Well, we're gonna have to run it up the ladder, obviously, but I have a really good 5._____________ about this. 

Thank you so much. Oh, thank you! Thanks. Wow.

Great presentation.

Well, I'm glad you think so. You have my info.

Absolutely. We'll be in touch. Great job. Thanks for sticking with me.

Elevator Pitch - The Guilt Trip

So, why don't I try this? Just tell me about yourself, Amy. Do you have kids? You have any pets or anything like that?

Yes, I do. I have a dog and a little girl.

Okay. What are their names?

Mr. Pickles and Gabriella.

Oh, that's 1._____________. if I have a daughter, I'm gonna name her Mr. Pickles as well.


So let me ask you, you probably go through great pains to 2._____________ Mr. Pickles and Gabriella from dying, if I'm not mistaken.

Well, yes, I would.

Is this what you normally clean your house with? It's whatever's on sale. It's usually blue or yellow.

That would be correct, yes.

Well, here's the problem with that. It's extremely 3._____________And it's really dangerous. I can show you statistics and experiments that prove that my product doesn't only clean better than those, but it's safer. But if I've shown you one thing, it's that that is really boring. So instead, I'll just do this.

I'll step back for the experiment. Oh, my God. Wow. I'm impressedI am.

Scieoclean is the 4._____________  cleaning product that's ever been invented. It's completely natural, it's completely safe, and it cleans better than any product on the market. If any of my competitors are making the same claim, all I say is, come on TV and drink your product. But I don't think you will because no one wants to shit blood on TV. That's it. That's all I got.

Scieoclean. It's 5._____________, it's non-toxic, and you can drink it.

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The Wolf of Wall Street - Phone Call

Jordan Belfort: Hello, John. How are you doing today? You mailed in my company a post card a few week back, requesting 1._________________ on penny stocks that had huge upside potential with very little down side risks. Does that ring a bell? 

John: Oh, yeah. I may have sent something. 

Jordan Belfort: Okay, great. Well, the reason for the call today, John, is something just came across my desk, John. It is perhaps the best thing I’ve seen in the last six month. If you have sixty seconds I’d like to share the idea with you, you got a minute? 

John: Actually, I’m really very busy… 

Jordan Belfort: The name of the 2._________________, Aerotyne International, it is a cutting edge high tech firm out of the Midwest. Awaiting imminent patent approval on the next generation of radar detectors that have both huge military and civilian 3. _________________. Now, right now, John, the stock trades over the counter at ten cents a share. And by the way, John, our analyst indicate it could go a heck of a lot higher than that. Your 4. _________________, on a mere six thousand dollar investment would be upwards of sixty thousand dollars. 

John: Jesus! That’s my mortgage, man. 

Jordan Belfort: Exactly. You could pay off your 5._________________. 

John: This stock will pay off my house.

Jordan Belfort: John, one thing I can promise you, even in this 6. _________________, is that I never ask my clients to judge me on my winners. I ask them to judge me on my losers, because I have so few. And in the case of Aerotyne, based on every technical factor out there, John, we are looking at a grand slam home run. 

John: Okay, let’s do it. I’ll do four 7._________________. 

Jordan Belfort: Four thousand? That’d be forty thousand 8._________________, John. Let me lock in that trade right now and get back to you with my secretary with an exact 9._________________. Sound good, John? 

John: Yeah, it sounds good. 

Jordan Belfort: Great. Hey, John, thank you for your vote of 10._________________, and welcome to the Investor Center. Bye bye.